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reduce waste and dependency on foreign oil - use Synthetic Lubricants!

With the increasing costs of fuel, using AMSOIL Synthetics makes sense and pays for itself.

With my '99 WJ Grand Cherokee I went from 18.3 mpg to 21.3 mpg on the freeway by switching from petroleum oil to AMSOIL Synthetic.
In a fuel injected gas engine there should be no problems in using this oil for more than 25,000 miles.
Engines run cooler, start easier, and offer increased protection when using AMSOIL synthetics.
Transmissions work cooler (as much as 50degF), axles resist water contamination and transfer cases operate more easily.

In my '91 300D (2.5L Turbo Diesel) I have gone over 25,000 miles on the same oil.
The Mercedes Diesel typically gets 28 to 31 mpg in town, and has gotten 39.75 mpg on the freeway. (EPA rating is 27/33)
Oil analysis after 17,400 miles of use of Series 3000 5w30 resulted in all "A's" except for a "B" in Potassium.
(A is "normal" requires no action, B - "moderate" - monitor)
My last change I left the oil in for 25,000 miles before changing. The Benz has over 260,000 miles on it. Extending oil changes saves time, and of course money.

Thank you for using customer number 283461
I will receive credit for any purchases that you might make.
Also, if you're interested in a Dealership or Retail/Commercial account I would be your sponsor.
The Customer number is associated with my Lifetime Amsoil Dealer number.
(You may also obtain info on Dealerships, Retail or Commerical accounts from the same toll free number.
If you have further questions feel free to contact me, .)

john's recommendations:

  1. AMSOIL MP - metal protector, penetrant, cleaner, lubricant...
  2. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic ATF - extends the life of your Automatic! -sheet 1
  3. AMSOIL 100% Synthetic ATF - extends the life of your Automatic! -sheet 2
  4. AMSOIL Multipurpose Grease - great water washout protection! Recommended by Moses Ludel for 4x4's! -sheet 1
  5. AMSOIL Multipurpose Grease - great water washout protection! Recommended by Moses Ludel for 4x4's! -sheet 2
  6. AMSOIL Silicon Spray
  7. AMSOIL filters specifically for FullSizeJeeps
  8. AMSOIL filters specifically for XJ - Jeep Cherokes
  9. the Air Filters - a bargain -sheet 1
  10. the Air Filters - a bargain -sheet 2

I've been an independent AMSOIL dealer since 1983. My personal experience with the AMSOIL products is what got me interested and kept me involved.

Chart comparing paper vs. foam vs. cotton gauze

AMSOIL air filter vs. paper and K&N here

Contact John Meister at if you have questions.

If you'd like to deal with an AMSOIL Dealer directly, or would like to find out more about becoming one, then email John for information on becoming a dealer.
If you are operating a Fleet or Commercial vehicles, or own a Retail Business that is operating at an established location, then you may qualify for an AMSOIL account specially designed for you. For specific details and qualifications, please contact john by email, or contact the toll free number and ask for info, specifying customer number 283461.
AMSOIL is a great value, and a great way to make friends.

AMSOIL now has their own web site. They post technical information and articles as well as the latest catalog information. For information or purchases
your customer number is: thanx.
Using the customer number 283461 ensures that I get credit for the sale. Thank you for your interest. You won't be disappointed.

I highly recommend the Air Filters, the Silicon Shield and MP (Metal Protector). Even if you don't want to switch to Synthetic Lubricants, those three products will save you money and time.

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