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# get a K&N for the Cherokee, but $45 was a lot to spend on a car I got for # free. I do need to try something because this thing eats airfilters. I # haven't even done any off roading yet, and I clog up a filter every 3000 mi. $45??? wow. you could buy two amsoil filters for that much... (almost)

Air filters

87 and up 4.0L I-6's and 86 and up 2.5L I-4's take a TS-29 suggested retail October 1998 is $26.75 The older V6 (2.8L) takes the same filter as the 258, strangely enough... the TS-12 the suggested retail on the ts-29 is $26.75, the ts12 is $20.45 86 xj, with a 2.5L TBI, it'll be a TS33, $23.25 if you have the carb (early 86 model) it'll be a TS11. $20.45

OIL FILTERS for 2.8L V6 Chevy motors 84-86, and the 2.5L I-4

the ASF29 is the AMSOIL Oil filter for these engines, confirm when ordering....

update on OIL FILTERS for 4.0L HO motors

on the 4.0L engine, or other engines using a Ford PH8a / PER-1 type filter (most bypass type filters, auxillary filters and so on like the TransAdapt units) you can use the following, from smallest to largest: SDF-57, SDF-34 (not sure why you'd want smaller than stock... ;) SDF-42 (the "stock" 4.0L HO size, slightly smaller than the PH8a, PH16?) SDF-15 (the same size as PH8a, per1, etc. approximately 1 qt) SDF-26 (apx 1.5qt, supposedly a chevy truck size, will find the fram number later)
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Welcome to the AMSOIL pages on wagoneers.com, presented by
Independent Lifetime Dealer John Meister ZO # 283461, since 1983

AMSOIL for an XJ (Jeep Cherokee)

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Q: Could you tell me the prices on AMSOIL for my whole XJ:
   Matt W.  Feb 28, 1998

A: To completely convert an XJ to AMSOIL depends on what flavors
you choose.  Below I've listed the options, an example of how
I would do it right now would be:     

(price list Jan 98, does not include shipping or any taxes,
 to order call 1.800.956.5695 customer number 283461)
TS-29 Air Filter               $26.75
6 qts 20W50 (ARO)              $35.70
4qts 5spd tranny 75W90 (AGR)   $28.00  
3qts ATF for xfr case          $21.00
axles, apx 4 qts (AGR)         $28.00
Oil Filters (2) ASF-44         $18.50  (see note below on filter)
Tube of Synthetic Grease       $ 3.10
This sets you up for a one year oil change and more than triples
your tranny/axle lube changes, virtually your last change of
those fluids, unless you take your Jeep swimming... :)

(double check the fluid needs of the axles, xfr case & tranny,
I have three manuals and three different answers!  One says
6.5 pts the other says 4 Qts!  I always end up with extra
gear lube... :)

If you have limited slip, simply add the factory additive.
All AMSOIL Synthetics will mix with regular oil products.
Synthetic lubricants will reduce friction, resist contamination
from water and fuel and will reduce operating temperatures, in
addition, they have excellent thermal characterics including
low pour points and high flash points.  

DETAILS and choices (will be) at:
4.0L engine (5 qts - 1 qt spare for 6 month filter change)
    6 quarts:   (pick your flavor and price...)
(all oils are SAE rated, with API ratings of SH, SJ, CF)
(unless otherwise noted drain interval is 1 year or 25,000 miles)

Series 2000 20W50 Synth. Racing Oil          =$7.50/qt $45.00  (TRO)
Series 2000 0W30 Synth.                      =$7.50/qt $45.00  (TSO)
XL-7500 5w30 Syn oil (7,500 mile interval)   =$4.95/qt $29.70  (XLF)  
XL-7500 10w30 Syn oil (7,500 mile interval)  =$4.95/qt $29.70  (XLT)
10W40 (AMO) Synthetic 
     (or 10W30 (ATM) or 5W30 (ASL)           =$5.25/qt $31.50  
20W50 Synthetic                              =$5.95/qt $35.70  (ARO)
Semi-Synthetic 10w40  (not sure of interval) =$3.95/qt $23.70  (PMO)
I am currently running the Series 2000 20w50.  I have used
the series 2000 0w30 with good success as well.  The 20w50
Synthethic is my likely next purchase because both Old Blue
and the little wagoneer always seem to spring a leak or some
half watt mechanic will do something to my rig and add in
dino oil... arghh...  I'd stick with the 25,000 mile 100%
Synthetic oils.  The Series 2000 products are superb.
I've been running the 5w30 in my daughter's buick.
two engine oil filters (change at 6 months)
    This is a little bit more involved...  
the ASF-44 works, it is the requisite 20mm x 1.5mm thread and
is the same size as the FRAM PH3985, however, I've had some
challenges in getting the thread to start on the 4.0L as the 
filter's threads are slightly recessed...  It does work though
and once on does not leak and is easily removed.  I noticed that
for some years AMSOIL calls out the ASF-43.  I don't know what
the specs are on this one, can't find all my notes...  If you
went with the FRAM or WIX you wouldn't hurt anything.  If you
were going to do oil analysis and keep the oil more than a year
then definetly run the AMSOIL filters.

The ASF-44 costs $9.25 each   x 2 = $18.50
4.0L Two Stage Air Filter - TS-29  $26.75
   (fram: CA3901)  The AMSOIL Two Stage fits right into
 the stock air box, comes pre oiled and will provide better
 air flow over the entire range of use, and better than paper.
 It flows more air when dirty than either K&N or a paper element.
 The K&N will flow more air when clean, but offers less protection.
http://wagoneers.com/john/AMSOIL/air-filters-chart.jpg (see below)
5speed Manual - 3.5 Qts (7 pints?) GL-5  
   AMSOIL 75W90 Synthetic Gear LUBE -  4 qts 
Series 2000  75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube  $8.75/qt = $35.00  (TGR)
75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube               $7.00/qt - $28.00  (AGR)
 recommend 75w90  AGR ($7.00/qt)
Automatic Trans - (if you had one)  appx 4 qts
Synthetic Universal ATF                 $7.00/qt =$28.00
 (fram filter for tranny:  FT1102)
Xfr Case -   apx 3 qts ATF
Command Trac - apx 2.25qts
Selectrac -  apx 3 qts 
Synthetic Universal ATF                 $7.00/qt =$21.00
front axle -   apx 2 qts
AMSOIL 75W90 Synthetic Gear LUBE -  2 qts 
Series 2000  75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube  $8.75/qt = $15.50
75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube               $7.00/qt - $14.00
 recommend 75w90  AGR ($7.00/qt)
rear axle -   apx 2 qts
AMSOIL 75W90 Synthetic Gear LUBE -  2 qts 
Series 2000  75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube  $8.75/qt = $15.50
75W90 Synthetic Gear Lube               $7.00/qt - $14.00
 recommend 75w90  AGR ($7.00/qt)
One tube of Synthethic Grease - (GLC) $3.10

Other items to consider:
Metal Protector 8.75oz spray can (AMP) -  $3.25 
PI Performance Improver Gasoline Additive (API) $6.95/16 oz bottle
Propylene Glycol Anti-Freeze (ANF) $14.50/gal
Bypass Filter setup (includes BE-90 filter) (BF-90) $76.00

AMSOIL logo here
for additional information and OIL FAQ's, wander over to a few other amsoil pages I've assembled...
To place order, dial 1-800-956-5695, your CUSTOMER NUMBER is 283461 (you may also obtain info on Dealerships, Retail or Commerical accounts from the same number. If you have further questions feel free to contact me.)

Chart comparing paper vs. foam vs. cotton gauze

AMSOIL air filter vs. paper and K&N here

If you are operating a Fleet or Commercial vehicles, or own a Retail Business that is operating at an established location, then you may qualify for an AMSOIL account specially designed for you. For specific details and qualifications, please contact John by email at dieseljohn at comcast dot net. AMSOIL is a great value, and a great way to make friends.

AMSOIL Corporate Website (remember to use Customer Number 283461 - thanx! john)

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