the FSJ charter -

     FSJ information
This list is for the discussion of Full-size Jeeps (FSJ)  

An "FSJ" is any vehicle produced in North America, carrying the "Jeep"
nameplate, with 2 or 4drs, in 2 or 4wd, whose wheelbase does not exceed
132", nor is less than 108", and whose tread width is no more than 63" 
nor less than 57". 
This definition is known to include the following models:
                       Wagoneer: 1963-1983
  Gladiator and J-series pickup: 1963-1987
                       Cherokee: 1974-1983
                 Grand Wagoneer: 1984-1991

FSJ readers are NOT a splinter group. It is our intent that 
the FSJ mailing list supplement other Jeep and 4x4 internet
resources and not replace or detract from them. 
Other resources beyond/beside FSJ-List: 

  Mailing list: offroad
  Mailing list: JEEP-L

The folks that started this thing all off were referred to as the Charter
Members, here is the list of those folks in order by year of their vehicles...:

VEHICLE, NAME, STATE, E-MAIL  (sorted by Vehicle age...)
67 Super Wagoneer, Ken Wetherall, California  (met in 1998)
68 Wagoneer, David Klingenberg, Idaho  (met in 1997)
74 Wagoneer, Rolf Aalto, Washington (almost neighbors, finally  met 10 June 2007)
 75 J-10, Hunter Hasbrouck, Alaska
76 Wagoneer, Ron Strouss, Washington  (met in 1997)
 77 Chief, Russ Campbell, Oregon
79 Cherokee, Michael Baxter, Nevada  (met in 1999)
79 Cherokee, Ed Pedersen, Vancouver, B.C. (met in 1997)
 79 J-10, Rich Holley, Nebraska
79 Wagoneer, Mike Lacher, N. Dakota (posted "wagoneer owners unite")
81 Wagoneer Ltd, John Meister, Washington (worked with Mike Lacher to start FSJ list)
 82 Wagoneer, Steve Nordby, Mass.
 84 Wagoneer, Allen Lundgren, Texas

Have met many others from the FSJ list(s) over the years:  

Tom Anhalt (Chero), Walt Greenwood (J4000), Joe Hughes (Wag), RJ Baynum (Wag/J10 Honcho), 
JC Jones (Wag, J10), Karl Kuehn (Wag/Chero), Greg Loxtercamp (Wag), Brad Seevers (Wag), 
Mark Wallace (Wag), Dennis Fariello (J10), Chris  Westenskow (J10), Whit Hickman (J20), 
Allan Weidenheimer (Wag), Wes Molsberry (Chero), Tom Collins (Wag), Dan (Wag), 
Fred (aka Superwrench) (wag/chero), Ben Williams (Wag), Bryan Nyse (Wag)...

and of course the 200 or so at Ouray in 2002!!!!

and a few others...  apologizes if I forgot your name, or misspelled it....
I know there are more...  :)

Historical time line:

   1. John Meister and Mike Lacher meet on circa spring 1995
   2. Mike Lacher posts "Wagoneer Owners UNITE" on circa 1995
   3. Mike and John meet up with SuperKen, Michael Baxter and so on June 1995
   4. FSJ charter members assemble Fall 1995, emails via "cc"
   7. late 1995 offers list service and webspace
   8. late 1995 john starts HTML home page on
   9. Zynet disappears, spring 1996, resort to "cc" emails via john's eudora
  10. offers list service
  11. John takes on role at Jan 97 as FSJ editor, moves FSJ list in Aug 97
  12. John quits ORC in Nov 97, banned from FSJ list by list server owner
  13. John forms new list on and lives happily ever after

John Meister : john at 
Snohomish County WA USA  :
When the FSJ list started...

360, AMSOIL, 727, 2.72, NP219, RANCHO 2", 10-14MPG, Michelin XLT 235's
   sold in June 1998, replaced with:
   several other FSJs and Jeeps, see 

88 jeep wagoneer ltd (xj)  "the little wagoneer"  4.0 liter, leather,
4.10's, trac-lok rear, truetrac, np242, at, BFG 30x9.5, OME, decent mpg...

You think you want a Full Size Jeep?

1) are you a mechanic? 2) are you married to a mechanic? 3) are you related to a mechanic? 4) are you independently wealthy and know a good mechanic? If you can't answer yes to any of the above, this may not be the best choice in vehicles for you. :)
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