The FSJ pages are devoted to the J-series Wagoneers, Cherokees and J trucks produced from 1963 until 1991.

Joe Sego's 1979 Cherokee Chief

Joe Sego has been involved with the Full-Size Jeep list for quite
a while. Joe is usually experiencing first hand the questions 
that we are trying to find answers for.  If you're looking for
a good friend in the FSJ world, Joe's a strong candidate.

As a result of his experiences, Joe has written several how-to
articles that appear here and on doc's IFSJA pages.  

Joe lives in Indianapolis where he works independently as a 
building contractor, snow plow operator and AMSOIL dealer.  

Joe leads a double life as he also hangs out on the Corvette scene.  
Joe is also one of those lucky guys that gets to do the pit crew 
thing at Indy.  

He tells the story of how he got involved with FSJ's below:

Joe's FSJ story

I got into the world of FSJ's in 1988 when I bought a 
1978 J-10 pickup, it had the factory option 7.5' snow plow. 

This came in handy during our Indiana winters. 

After 8 years of neglect and hard use and abuse, I needed a 
replacement. Late in the summer of 1996 I spotted the Cherokee Chief 
sitting out in a farm field with some horses. I stopped
and inquired, yep it was for sale.  $300.  It needed a
carb and it had water where there should have been gasoline. :-( 

I had it towed home. I then decided that instead of dumping a 
lot of $$ into a vehicle I knew nothing about I would use parts 
off the J-10 to get it running. We took the carb (Motorcraft 2100) and
soon had the Chief running. 

To date Joe has replaced or repaired:

And then...

...I had the snow plow installed. 

The Cherokee does a respectable job of plowing. 

1979 Jeep Cherokee Chief

This is a "S" model with the Chief option. It has most all options except AC. It has 112,000 on the odometer.

Future plans

Get the body into presentable shape 32" or 33" tires for more clearance Rebuild the J-10 360 engine and install it Shift kit for the TH-400 Joe Sego (passed away July 19, 1999 :(