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SJ 1962 - 1991 -- tech / repair tips -- SJ rigs - photos --
Diesel Jeeps - KJ and WK

FSJ's are Jeep Wagoneers, J-series trucks, and Cherokees made from 1962 to 1992.

the 1996 snowstorm and Old Blue

since September 24, 1998.

You think you want a Full Size Jeep?
1) are you a mechanic?
2) are you married to a mechanic?
3) are you related to a mechanic?
4) are you independently wealthy and know a good mechanic?

If you can't answer yes to any of the above,
this may not be the best choice in vehicles for you.
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FSJ information:
The list is for the discussion of Full-size Jeeps (FSJ)

An "FSJ" is any vehicle produced in North America,
carrying the "Jeep" nameplate, with 2 or 4drs,
in 2 or 4wd, whose wheelbase does not exceed 132",
nor is less than 108", and whose tread width is
no more than 63" nor less than 57".
This definition is known to include the following models:
Wagoneer: 1963-1983
Gladiator and J-series pickup: 1963-1987
Cherokee: 1974-1983
Grand Wagoneer: 1984-1991

SJ - 1962-1991

XJ - 1984-2001

WJ - 1999-2004

KJ - 2002-2007

WK - 2005-2010

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AMSOIL synthetics
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CJ-10A - 1984-1986


MJ - 1984-1992

Willys - 1946-1965

Other Jeeps (FC-170)

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