IPF - Headlight Replacements part # 820H

M17 - Magic Blub H4 55/60Watt - marine blue glow

The install process is simple. Just like changing a regular headlamp. The only note of caution is: DO NOT HANDLE ANY HALOGEN BULBS with barehands. In fact, do not let the bulb come in contact with any skin, oil, grease or french fries. When the lamp is activated it will burn out quicker if it's dirty. It is advised to use gloves, or handle the bulbs with a soft rag.

You may notice the plastic cover sitting on top of the little wagoneer. It should be noted that ARB advises against the use of such a shield. That cover was being removed with the old lamp. The quality and thickness of the lens is proof enough of it's durability. In the picture at the top of the page you will notice that this lamp has been bug tested and came through without failure.

The bulbs used are the Magic H4 bulbs that have a phosphorous ring at the base of the lamp. This ring helps to maintain the high operating temperature and produce a brilliant light that is very white.

The H4 replacement bulb features a high pressure exotic gas mix that provides illumination equal to 110 WATTS on low beam and 130 WATTS on high beam. But without the additional current flow, as they are only using 55 and 60 Watts!

The IPF bulb is rated at 4000 Kelvin. The HID (high energy discharge) systems found on expensive European sedans is rated at 4300 Kelvin. The technology used by IPF is as close to HID that can be obtained with current technology. For the record, a standard bulb is rated at 3400 Kelvin.

The lamp tends to have a white/blue color to it to oncoming traffic.

From the driver's seat the light dispersed is white. White and crisp. The 15 degree cutoff of the light is very European and does not offend oncoming drivers while providing excellent light distribution.

The operative word for these lights is CRISP and CLEAN.

It is also very cool that they will glow blue for up to 10 minutes after being used. The lamps also are available with a green glow, part M15. In addition, standard H4 bulbs may be used, but I don't think they will glow after use.

The cost of the IPF replacement headlights are very competitive when compared with Bosch and Hella. I have used both before and noticed the difference in quality of the IPF units. The IPF units have a thicker lens and a heavier feel to them. The quality of the lens is impressive. In both the Hella and Bosch units I've owned before I detected imperfections in the fluting and glass, not so with the IPF units. They appear to me to be of much higher quality overall. It should be noted that these lamps are not dot approved. But then again, neither were the Hella's or Bosch's I've used before. Regardless, all of these replacement headlights are an improvement over the standard headlight and all provide the European style of light distribution. ARB selected IPF after comparing other brands, I can see why they did.

If you live where it gets dark at night, this kit is for you.

The "little wagoneer", an '88 Wagoneer Limited, was also used to evaluate the Old Man Emu lift kit, also imported by ARB USA. That review may be found at: