Re: fsj: about lights

Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 23:54:11 -0500
From: JeepNut 
Subject: Re: fsj: about lights

Hi Mr. Riebeling,
    On this page is a nice explanation of differences in light types...

John explains the kit better than anyone here:

    And these guys have a great price on the lamps I just bought!!!
    I clearly didn't do my homework well enough.  I paid 37.50 each for the
lamps and 72.97 for the White Max Blue Glo H4 55/60watt bulbs. (part #M17)
    Rocky Road refers to the M17 as the H4 Magic J bulb.

    The big deal here is getting 80W worth of light out of 55W of power.  And
110W for the high beams.  This means you get more light without having to
install a wiring harness for the lights.  The  blue glo is simply cosmetic.
It's the construction technique of both the bulbs and the lamp fixtures which
eek out more output from 55W of power.

    Hope that helps

jose riebeling wrote:

> i hear in fsj about a IPF ligths with m17 bulb, could you explain me this
> kind of ligths used in wagoneers.
> thank
> jose riebeling
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