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Date sent:        26 May 97 02:11:54 EDT
From:             Edwin Pedersen 
To:               John Meister **john@wagoneers.com**

Subject: Ol' White's Intro

Owner: Ed Pedersen Charter Member FSJ-list Western Canada Regional Cordinator IFSJA BIO 40 yrs. young, married, 2 girls, 11 + 13 Employed by Reliable Parts Ltd. ( Major appliance parts supplier) Loc Maple Ridge B.C. Canada ( Near Vancouver)
Ol' White is a '79 Cherokee Wide Track ( Chief " S " model) Dana 44's 3.54 gears with stock breather tubes on F+R diffs and engine intake. AT ( TH400) QT (BW-1339) 258 I6 with 169,700 miles. Low range reduction unit option + Emergency drive Factory bush bar 31 x 10.50 Sport Kings AT M+S

Ol' White was " rescued" just as it was being pointed towards the junk heap. One of my brothers had owned & neglected it for several years, and when I got it, needed some TLC to bring it back to life.
The best _good_ news about it's revival came from what was thought to be a major engine problem ( " piston about to come through the hood noise "), turned out to be just a loose torque converter. Tightened down the bolts that were hitting the frame, and presto, noise went away. :))
Ol' White is first and foremost a true "Bush Wagon". Paint is flaking, rust is picking on the fender flares and the floor boards, and the engine is a bit tired.
But when I aim the grill in the direction of where I want to go, steep hills, mud, and deep water does not faze him. It sure is nice to not to have to worry about " bush rash + character dents", the benefit of having a " Road Warrior".
The Vancouver/ Fraser Valley area offers an unlimited number of old and new logging roads to explore, offering ease of trails ranging from easy day explorations to hard core trails, and everything in between. Most of my outings are day trips poking around inactive logging spurs, trying to find the perfect view of the Fraser Valley 5000 ft. below, and I am never disappointed in what I find.

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Future Plans:..........

None really, just want to make him dependable. I am extremely happy in the way he performs in stock condition.