From: Edwin Pedersen 
Subject: Ol'  White  Goes  Into  Hibernation

Got one last trail run in on the  weekend.  Went out again 
with Dess and Angela to the Chilliwack Valley. 
It was an easy day of cruising, sort of a wind down
to the season.  Saw lots of people fishing for Chum,
Chinook and Pink salmon,  as well as resident trout
in the river. Stopped off at the fish hatchery in the area,
and Dess and Angela, and her sister Jackie, who was
along for the ride,  were surprised to see the salmon 
jumping up the fish ladder, and even jumping in the 
pens to try and advance just a little further upstream.
We didn't do any fishing ourselves, but I did hook
a Dodge Colt and we helped throw back a Toyata Tercel.
The first car had tried to go over a mound at the side of 
the road, and had high centred.  Four helpers couldn't get 
him out of there, so we attached a tow rope to him and
Ol' White dragged him sideways a little, then just dragged it
right out of it's predicament. Didn't even feel him on the hook .....
The second had stopped on a small bridge over a side channel
of the river, and the dirt road caved in under his front tire. 
We all helped push him back out of the hole, and off he drove.....
We did get some excellent pics of Dess taking Copperhead through
a deep pool of water from the main river and playing on a sand hill.
( I think his eyes were kinda wide open during the water crossing ! )
He had a bow wave going as high as his headlights. !! 
( Hey, I think Copperhead wants to play Tugboat just like Ol'  White    ) 
Anyways, when the day was over I cleaned up Ol' White and
took him over to the In-Laws to park him for the winter.   :(
Sure was lonely walking away from him.  But, at least he will
shortly be in a enclosed garage to keep warm and dry for the winter.
He took a real pounding last rainy season sitting out in my driveway...

I'll send some pics to John to put up ont the web site(s) as soon
as I have them assemblied.  ( Waiting for one more of Ol' White  )
Hint Hint Dess  ******

Eddie in Vancouver,  Canada
Ol' White is a sleepy '79 Cherokee  Wide Track  with QT  AT  I6
Dana  44's  3.54  gears
31 x 10.50  Sport  Kings  A/T  M+S
Factory bush bar