Fri Jun  9 12:11:11 2000
From: Dave Read 

I have an 1988 J20.  It was built September 97, and has a 1988 VIN.  I looked at
another 88 J20 that was originally purchased by a school district for a snow
plow truck.  The owner had the original window sticker and owners manual, both
said 1988.

I have come across several adds for 88 J10s and J20s for sale in the last couple
of years.

I have no idea how may 88 J trucks were built, or what happened to the last one.
If anyone has any information on 88 J Trucks, please let us know.  Is there
anyone on the lists who worked for AMC in late 1987?

Dave Read

John wrote:
Hey, wasn't the last Wagoneer, pictured on page 3, really the fourth of four 1992's?  :)
Four Wheeler wrote an article on this and I'm pretty
sure that was what happened.   I've also heard similar rumors of post-production
issues of J20's.  There is supposedly around 80 or so made the year after the
end of production!  Since all were supposedly in the NorthEast somewhere it's
possible that the Motor Vehicle department in that (or those) states licensed
them differently... who knows for sure... after all, these are Jeeps. :)