Vehicle Code Designations: J-Series, Pre 1968. on

Vehicle Code Designations: J-Series, Pre 1968.
J-Series Service Manual SM-1019-R2, 1966

Serial Prefix	Model Series	Drive		Body Style
1312			J-100			2wd		Station Wag, 2dr
1312C			J-100			2wd		Sta Wag, 2dr, Custom
1314			J-100			2wd		Sta Wag, 4dr
1314C			J-100			2wd		Sta Wag, 4dr, Custom
1313			J-100			2wd		Panel Delivery
1412			J-100			4wd		Sta Wag, 2dr
1412C			J-100			4wd		Sta Wag, 2dr, Custom
1414			J-100			4wd		Sta Wag, 4dr
1414C			J-100			4wd		Sta Wag, 4dr, Custom
1414D			J-100			4wd		Super Wagoneer
1413			J-100			4wd		Panel Delivery

Serial Prefix	Model		GVW		Drive		
2306F			J-200		4000		2wd
2306A			J-200		5600		2wd
2306B			J-200		6600		2wd
2306D			J-200		8600		2wd w/dual rear wheels

2406F			J-200		4000		4wd
2406A			J-200		5600		4wd
2406B			J-200		6600		4wd
2406D			J-200		8800		4wd w/dual rear wheels

3306E			J-300		5000		2wd
3306B			J-300		6600		2wd
3306C			J-300		7600		2wd
3306D			J-300		8600		2wd w/dual rear wheels

3406E			J-300		5000		4wd
3406B			J-300		6600		4wd
3406C			J-300		7600		4wd
3406D			J-300		8600		4wd w/dual rear wheels

2306W			J-2500	5000		2wd
2306X			J-2600	6000		2wd
2306X			J-2700	7000		2wd
2306Z			J-2800	8600		2wd w/dual rear wheels

2406W			J-2500	5000		4wd
2406X			J-2600	6000		4wd
2406Y			J-2700	7000		4wd
2406Z			J-2800	8600		4wd w/dual rear wheels

3306W			J-3500	5000		2wd
3306X			J-3600	6000		2wd
3306Y			J-3700	7000		2wd
3306Z			J-3800	8600		2wd w/dual rear wheels

3406W			J-3500	5000		4wd
3406X			J-3600	6000		4wd
3406Y			J-3700	7000		4wd
3406Z			J-3800	8600		4wd w/dual rear wheels

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