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At 08:28 PM 6/26/00 -0600, michael owen wrote:
>Hello, I was just searching the web looking for ways to upgrade the '81
>Wagoneer Limited that I have recently purcahsed.  I found your pictures
>and was very impressed with your ramp test.  My Jeep is coming along
>nicely but I was wondering of you could provide me with some more
>information on what you did to your suspension.  If not, it's no big
>deal but I would appreciate the tips from someone who's been there
>already.  I have a friend with an '84 that he raised however it doesn't
>look very appealing and some things don't work right. 
>Thank You,

ah, the secret of the ramp... :) what's it worth to ya!  ;)

(more recent tech info below)

I rebuilt my spring packs with hand selected springs from an older
rig.  I used one add-a-leaf at the base.  Then I coated the top
of each spring with AMSOIL 100% Synthethic Grease.  I used spring
clamps to hold the springs together side to side, but not tightly,
I also made sure the clamps did not interfere with spring movement,
in other words, the leaf is free to move forward without hitting
the clamp.

I also used new friction pads.  Of course I greased them with AMSOIL
Synthethic grease top and bottom.  Be careful not to put too much on... 
ever seen a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with too much jelly?  :) 
 The first time I assembled the packs on Old Blue I had buttered 
them up pretty good... let's say I went overboard.  I ended up 
rebuilding the packs because I got my spring clamps wrong, and 
bent my main spring the wrong way because of the add-a-leaf...    
Man, what a mess...  I've since used a lighter coating with as much success... :)

Another trick that I use is to take one of the second springs from
the rear of an old pack and put it on the front, this acts as a support
for the main spring and prevents breakage or negative arch that sometimes
happens with an add-a-leaf.

Ultimately, the best solution is to have a set of custom springs made,
use several long thin leaves rather than a few chunky ones.  You want
soft, flexy springs for the best ride and best articulation.

And I'm serious about the synthetic grease, it resists water, keeps
the springs from squeaking and rusting and so on. :)  Details on
how to get some in my sig file below.

Also, I just lifted my 83 J10 doing pretty much the same thing,
details at:
 http://wagoneers.com/FSJ/tech/Suspension/  see poorman's lift
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