bypassing amp gauge on FSJs

Sat Aug 31 23:05:34 2002
From: JC Jones 


Here is what I would suggest you do to bypass the ammeter if you so
desire.  Disconnect the wire from the "batt" post on the back of the
alternator and insulate the connector well - electrical tape with heat
shrink tubing over that - and zip tie that wire back up the harness to
keep it out of the way.  Don't change anything on the plastic plug that
plugs into the side (back) of the alternator.  Get some good quality 8
gauge wire, get a fuse block and blade fuse that is typically used for
high end audio gear (I use a 100 Amp fuse for a mostly stock electrical
system with a stock alternator because 50 is not enough and 200 is too
much).  Mount the fuse holder to the inner fenderwell near the starter
solenoid.  Route the 8 gauge wire from the post on the back of the
alternator to the fuse holder on the firewall keeping it clear of the
exhaust manifold.  Route a wire from the other side of the fuse holder
to the battery side of the starter solenoid.  The dash will get power
fine with the original alternator output wire disconnected and if it is
insulated and protected well you don't need to worry about a short
through the ammeter.

This will bypass the ammeter entirely, and the amperage you will then be
running through the dash will be only what the dash requires.  Your
charging system will be protected by the 100 Amp fuse on the inner
finderwell and your charging system should also be much more efficient
as well.

JC Jones
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-> -----Original Message-----
-> From: Daniel Beiers [] 
-> Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2002 4:55 PM
-> Subject: [cfsja] I might have this figured out
-> Hello,
-> I have been reading in the archives and I found a string 
-> that eludes to bypassing the normal wiring of the "charging 
-> system" and putting in a wire directly from the alternator 
-> to the battery.  I am having charging problems on my 85 
-> wagoneer and I started looking at the wiring.  basically I 
-> have a heavy gauge (but not to heavy) red wire that goes 
-> from the alternator (stud and nut connection in back) into 
-> the firewall.  there is also a light gauge red wire that 
-> leads from the plastic clip on the alternator.  this lighter 
-> red wire is spliced into a yellow wire, that goes to the 
-> fire wall, and a brown wire that goes to the starter 
-> solenoid. Before go further I should mention that last 
-> summer my ammeter went out and I bypassed by putting a 
-> jumper wire between the 2 terminals. So, based on what I 
-> have read it seems that I can just not use this yellow or 
-> larger red wire.  I am thinking about running a wire from 
-> the alt (stud and nut connection) to the post on the starter 
-> solenoid.  I would also run the lighter red wire from the 
-> plastic clip back to the starter solenoid. Here are the 
-> questions: 1. Will this work?  Do I need this loop through 
-> the fire wall intact to have other things function beside 
-> the ammeter? 2. I am assuming I will need a fusible link 
-> between the alt and the batt. How many amps?  Any one know 
-> where I might find such a device?
-> Thanks for reading this, I have this thing apart and I am 
-> stuck at work.  I want to put it back together right but I 
-> don't want to screw anything up. Please email me directly if 
-> you have any input or suggestions for me.  I appreciate any 
-> insight you guys can offer.
-> Thanks
-> Dan

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