Jim Basile's (aka Jim the Mechanic) 1980 - 83 Service Bulletin info

Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 
To: john-at-wagoneers.com
From: "Jim Basile (Oh)"
Subject: Service Bulletins

Hello fellow 1980 thru 1983 fullsize jeep owners.
The following service bulletins are available at your friendly local jeep

1980 - 1983 All models
1.  ATRATB078  How to use a pressure gauge - automatic transmissions
2.  085391  Instruction sheets for wiring repair
3.  075190  Recycled engine coolant can cause water pump seal wear
4.  ATRATB028  Engine testing with a vacuum gaure - auto trans.
5.  235790  Retrofit kits for rear shoulder belt
6.  ATRATB9002006  Automatic transmission fluid
7.  ATRATB8930  Automatic transmission math part 2
8.  ATRATB8927  20 steps to successful auto transmission repair
9.  ATRATB8923  Automatic transmission math formulas
10.  235389  Cleaning of soiled cloth seat upholstery
11.  265389  Threadmaker gel and sealant application and use instructions
12.  JE8707  Safety recall #8707 power tailgate window
13.  ATRATB8757  Repeated low reverse band burnout
14.  ATRATB8754  All automatics - front bushing wear
15.  ATRATB8748  Metal sealing rings - automatic transmissions
16.  ATRATB8543  Recurrent sticking valves - automatic transmissions 1980 and
81 models only
17.  000073  Alcohol blend fuels
18.  812  Combustion chamber carbon causing knock
19.  8006  EGR Revision for Improved Acceleration
20.  8002  Spark knock repair - federal models
21.  8002 Vacuum diagram correction - federal models

1981 models only
1.  185491  Engine sag/hesitation upon acceleration
2.  5E000020  Carburetor workshop manual update  1981-82

1982 and 1983
1.  000849  Transfer case shift sleeve
2.  ATRATB8543  Recurrent sticking valves - automatic transmission
3.  3000012  Manual transmission service manual update

1. 38E000847  Fluid leakage, clutch hydraulic system diagnosis
2. 33E000791  Oil filter application chart
3.  000068  Phase in paint colors
4.  000061  Altitude performance adjustments
5.  7E000028  Transfer case parts update
6.  5E000020  Carburetor workshop manual update
7.  8E000031  Excess material on real axle yoke
8.  000013  Radio sound system service manual update

That's all I could dig up.

Later, Jim (The Mechanic)   

Quadra-Trac SERVICE ADVICE, compliments of Frank Barnett

Straight from the Manual:  Stick-Slip Condition.....When the brake cones 
in the Quadra-Trac limited slip differential stick and release, it is 
under a torque windup condition as in a conventional transfer case.  
Sudden release of the cones under this condition results in a constant, 
pulsating, grunt-like or rasping noise.  This is a low-frequency noise 
that is most noticeable to the driver at slow speeds, such as when slowly 
turning a corner, or when maneuvering to park the vehicle.

Stick-slip noise will not occur when the vehicle is driven in a 
straight-ahead position.  If a noise similar to stick-slip, but much 
louder, occurs in the straight-ahead position, the chain should be 
inspected for excessive looseness.

Proper lubricant is important in preventing stick-slip noise.  Use 
Quadra-Trac lubricant or equivalent only.  Multi-grade, detergent-type 
oils must not be used.  A stick-slip condition caused by improper 
lubricants may be corrected by completely draining the Quadrac-Trac and low 
range unit (if equipped) and refilling with the specified lubricant.

NOTE: If a vehicle is not driven for a week or more, the stick-slip 
condition may occur when the vehicle is first driven.  This is considered 
normal and should be of no concern, as the noise will usually disappear 
with continued driving.

Uneven tire inflation pressures and mismatched tire types and sizes will 
also cause stick-slip noise.  All tires must be inflated equally and must 
be of the same size and type.
(End Quote)

The manual also goes on to say that stick-slip continues it may be 
corrected by checking the tire pressures, and changeing the QT fluid.
The manual also advises to (Quote) Drive vehicle in circles, both 
clockwise and counterclockwise for approximately 15 minutes to allow 
lubricant to circulate throughout differential  NOTE:  When driving the 
vehicle in circles do not turn the wheel to the stop position.  (End 

Hopes this helps someone.

Francis M. Barnett
Beaumont, Texas US


A couple of suggestion on the oil changes:  

1)  get some of those cheap latex
gloves (100pr for about $10) and put two pair one - that way if the outer pair
gets dirty you can pull 'em off and put on new ones.  

2)  Spread a few newspapers under your oil pan and around under the Jeep.  That
way if the wind blows the oil around you can clean up easier by gathering up the 
papers and tossing them.  You will have to throw something on top of the papers
to keep them from blowing around.  Pieces of 2x4's, wrenches, rocks or neighboorhood
kids would all work nicely...  

3)  Use a 6 point socket or a high-quality box end wrench on the drain plug.  When
reinstalling take a small section of teflon tape and wrap the threads.  The reason
for the right tool is that if you use a variable metric (aka Cresent Wrench) or 
a cheap open end wrench you may round the bolt.  Oil plugs can be a major hassle.
You want to be careful not to cross thread the bolt.  ONe of the best ways of doing
that is to set the bolt in the threads and turn in "backwards" (counter-clockwise),
until it kind of drops into the treads, then turn clockwise to tighten.  NEVER force
the bolt...  I've taken up the habit of "choking" up on the socket or the wrench
when I'm tightening stuff up, that way I don't break stuff.   You may need to use
 a cheater bar to get the bolt off, and to make sure it's tight enough when you're 
done.  It all depends on how much leverage you have and how strong you are.  A
small section of pipe slid over the end of the socket handle or wrench usually works 
for me if I have a really stubborn bolt.  ANOTHER IMPORTANT POINT:  WHEN TIGHTENING
way if you slip or the bolt frees up you 1) don't remove teeth, 2) you don't break
knuckles.  Remember that a wrench typically has a 22 degree offset.  Flip the open
end wrench over each time you turn a bolt and you will gain a little extra travel.

4)  When removing the old oil filter be careful to make sure the old gasket came
completely off with the filter.  Wipe the base clean with a rag.  Apply oil to the
new gasket, spin on as tight as you can.  Then take the filter wrench and turn
1/2 to 1 turn more.  Wipe off the new filter and surrounding areas.  Wipe off the
area around the drain plug as well.  ( A clean engine is a happy engine. (also makes
it easier to find leaks...) 

5)  Double check that the drain plug is in and the filter on.  Pull the dipstick
and clean off.  Add oil.  Check the stick, should be at full or over by about 1 qt,
the filter will not fill until the engine is running.  

6) Start the engine.  Avoid the desire to race the motor, watch the pressure gauge, it
will take a little bit to come up.  If it doesn't within half a minute or so, shut it
down.  Either way, the next step is to check for leaks.  

7)  Write down the mileage and type of oil used.  Put a couple of quarts in the back.

email: john@wagoneers.com
AMSOIL Dealer 
Technical Instructor
FSJ Enthusiast:  81 Jeep Wagoneer Limited - aka "Old Blue"
Snohomish, Washington USA - where Jeeps don't rust, they mold...


From: A4x4Pinto aol.com
Subject: Catalogs!!

Here is a list of some catalogs I've come across:

Leon Rosser $7.00  1-800-633-4724  (Very little made specifically for FSJ's
but they do carry general off road hardware),

Edelbrock $? 1-310-781-2222 (I have used their parts and find them reliable
and their tech department very helpful),

Auto-Mat Co.  $?  1-800-645-7258 (Replacement Carpets, Seat covers, and

Wrangler Power Products $5.00 1-800-992-2616  (Complete selection of
electricals: alternators to connectors, their stuff is built to last),

Fly-N-Hi $4  1-800-4-FLYNHI  (General off road stuff),

Con-Ferr  $5  1-213-849-1800  (They make their own stuff, including GREAT all
purpose roof racks.  Mine has come in handy many times),

Made For You  $?  1-619-868-6962  (Hi-tech fasteners),

JEGS $3.50/?  1-800-345-4545  (High Performance equiptment),

J.C. Whitney  $2.00  1-312-431-6102  (I think the martians even know about
this place),

Energy Suspension $5  1-714-361-3935  (All types of polyurethane suspension

Savanna Jones $7.00 1-800-831-3716  (Probably the most FSJ stuff I've seen in
a catalog),

Crutchfield $Free  1-800-955-9009  (http://www.crutchfield.com)  (Lots of
auto and home stereo equiptment.  Good service, good prices, and name brand

Summit Racing $?  216-798-9440  (Performance equiptment at good prices and
shipped fast).

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